1994.05.21 San Bernardino (CA), Blockbuster Pavilion (USA)

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1994.05.21 San Bernardino (CA), Blockbuster Pavilion (USA)

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Depeche Mode 05.21.1994 San Bernardino, CA Blockbuster Pavilion Summer Tour Equipment: Sony TCD-D7 + CSBs Taper: Unknown Lineage: DAT Master > CD-R(2) > EAC > FLAC Setlist: 01. Rush 02. Halo 03. Behind The Wheel 04. Everything Counts 05. World In My Eyes 06. Walking In My Shoes 07. Stripped 08. Condemnation 09. I Want You Now 10. In Your Room 11. Never Let Me Down Again 12. I Feel You 13. Personal Jesus 14. Somebody 15. Enjoy the Silence 16. A Question of Time Notes: Great recording. I wish I knew who the taper was to properly thank them for this tape. It's very good, and even though there are some screamers around the taper, they actually make this recording better. Very colorful. If anyone has some low gen tapes from Devotional/Exotic/Summer Tours they are always welcomed! Or trade? Seeded by RyanJ (ryanjonik@sbcglobal.net)
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https://mega.nz/#!wxcjmITR!jYqKpjytp24h ... jrY37focwo

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1994.05.21 San Bernardino (CA), Blockbuster Pavilion (USA)

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