1993.07.17 Barcelona (Spain), Palau Sant Jordi

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1993.07.17 Barcelona (Spain), Palau Sant Jordi

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1993.07.17 Barcelona (Spain), Palau Sant Jordi.rar (768.1 MB)

https://mega.co.nz/#!NAFTHArJ!GNbF9ls9s ... yIsWdhl4Bo

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Depeche Mode Palau Saint Jordi, Barcelona, Spain 1993-07-17 Devotional tour Complete audience recording Lineage: unknown taper and equipment -> AU1 -> Maxell UR-120 cassette -> Philips MC-222 -> Nero Wave Editor (16/48, clean and edit) -> FLAC level 8 Transfer: Jeydmode Audiochecker logs and original info file included A good audience recording. It's fairly distant and there isn't much bass. The crowd is very loud. Files are 16-bit 48kHz, so you will need to downsample if you plan to burn this onto CD-Rs. Track list: CD1: 01. [7:55] Higher Love 02. [5:25] Policy Of Truth 03. [6:13] World In My Eyes 04. [6:57] Walking In My Shoes 05. [5:58] Behind The Wheel 06. [4:52] Halo 07. [5:22] Stripped 08. [4:05] Condemnation 09. [4:56] Judas (*) 10. [2:41] Death's Door (*) 11. [4:23] Mercy In You CD2: 01. [7:34] I Feel You 02. [5:03] Never Let Me Down Again 03. [4:44] Rush 04. [9:23] In Your Room 05. [6:03] Personal Jesus 06. [10:11] Enjoy The Silence 07. [5:39] Fly On The Windscreen 08. [6:54] Everything Counts Total time: 1:54:18 Line up: Dave Gahan - lead vocals Martin Gore - guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, occasional lead vocals (*) Alan Wilder - keyboards, drums, backing vocals Andrew Fletcher - keyboards Hildia Campbell - backing vocals Samantha Smith - backing vocals All songs written by Martin L. Gore. FLAC fingerprints: CD1\1.01. Higher Love.flac:3769a146649da81cf9bb65b8c1d37d49 CD1\1.02. Policy Of Truth.flac:b852c31aaa1882e025436556b840edc1 CD1\1.03. World In My Eyes.flac:daa030d46f33ce68867f2a59b36982c3 CD1\1.04. Walking In My Shoes.flac:f4404f3ccb2f3a889a02dab01b10e731 CD1\1.05. Behind The Wheel.flac:044e084542cc6f33c8dcd173160b5139 CD1\1.06. Halo.flac:75787e5cd2b42ca5da16dea8578397cc CD1\1.07. Stripped.flac:59f6bd24ea85ec07e505c50a616fc622 CD1\1.08. Condemnation.flac:3cafc2db5f0f40f6a980f000b72c80df CD1\1.09. Judas.flac:fbb6426c2500676251a6d2804fa264ff CD1\1.10. Death's Door.flac:29813ad40102727f7c122be8526a1031 CD1\1.11. Mercy In You.flac:1702ba1dc47287f518f211b54efd2285 CD2\2.01. I Feel You.flac:4a65c76bdc505acf2ce11104e0449a42 CD2\2.02. Never Let Me Down Again.flac:415040bad1104974c865df4d353d455e CD2\2.03. Rush.flac:174c6e409840465aa30f2c3a1579f976 CD2\2.04. In Your Room.flac:b71d64e32deda6a6a6a463c9501cfe20 CD2\2.05. Personal Jesus.flac:64589ad1d994ca73afc971f7b416afdf CD2\2.06. Enjoy The Silence.flac:84e48118704fe9dafb496e8ca0f7f20e CD2\2.07. Fly On The Windscreen.flac:c22b52ebd7851fa800ce53bfde460d31 CD2\2.08. Everything Counts.flac:1e555821d5ab94fd29c800943a94e581 MD5 checksums: fa34310fddf0d5cbe1270fca326a7a91 *Depeche Mode - 1993-07-17 - Palau Saint Jordi, Barcelona, Spain (AUD).ffp 4bf4d9b9e6a8b7489e9357eb1249278b *original info.txt e8eff22852fe07e27fd19fcbbb264d91 *CD1\1.01. Higher Love.flac f0d322eecc847d26067d10268905de14 *CD1\1.02. Policy Of Truth.flac ddc15c1c53dd3dca176645fb9bd1f2a1 *CD1\1.03. World In My Eyes.flac 516ce30e76b57086400911dc06fff873 *CD1\1.04. Walking In My Shoes.flac 10314d94357c4a9662c1cc59d2813c0f *CD1\1.05. Behind The Wheel.flac c10a27e8681ad319d054e17775b8c840 *CD1\1.06. Halo.flac eb4bc04caed48f57714d2339cff73d4c *CD1\1.07. Stripped.flac 21d45874296dfe1635bae9e74472e255 *CD1\1.08. Condemnation.flac e0489daa65e10750a44eabcd64ae1d83 *CD1\1.09. Judas.flac e43daf1abd53dfb6c0187cd186e46d09 *CD1\1.10. Death's Door.flac 5a1170fbc0de872c901c4a730a847dd8 *CD1\1.11. Mercy In You.flac a3badb765be71143a0489351688548e2 *CD1\audiochecker.log 2bc4c81420750f21180b010d1a33c490 *CD2\2.01. I Feel You.flac cceee311c433e80d8a7acdcfa3959c99 *CD2\2.02. Never Let Me Down Again.flac ff9e752ac9c539c15f599f6e5f2a1381 *CD2\2.03. Rush.flac d8cb375412ef4256adc1bd2bd02ed38e *CD2\2.04. In Your Room.flac f79b41971e36ee4e8a00e6b6b179981c *CD2\2.05. Personal Jesus.flac 81d96e1d22e8aea7f7f9504664450b1f *CD2\2.06. Enjoy The Silence.flac cc1542e634486f2fa67ae673c8fe1b15 *CD2\2.07. Fly On The Windscreen.flac 601bb5d07cc5bc97db57c7384a495c59 *CD2\2.08. Everything Counts.flac d2ff236720a444bd41837721089725f2 *CD2\audiochecker.log Shared by ligushka on DIME January 2013.

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Muchisimas gracias


Siempre sere Darkwave

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Thank you! :)
Surrender to my will forever and ever!

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